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Justo Customized Solutions for Camps & Marinas
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Justo for Camps
Justo interactive service for camps is a unique solution. It can serve as a hotel map, an interactive menu for food, all facilities ordering, and even more: a key to the territory access. Justo interactive menu functions in 5 languages and has more than 50 different features.
Justo for Marinas
Our Interactive Room Folder system is 100% customizable for Marinas. By implementing this modern digital system, you can increase the number of additional service bookings and cut unnecessary expenses. It's easy to use, and your guests and employees will love it for sure! To learn more, CLICK HERE!
NFC Bracelets
A great way for camps and marinas to provide access to restrooms, showers, and laundry rooms. And, if needed, to book more services with just a few taps on their phone. To learn more about how Justo can improve booking services and cut expenses CLICK HERE.
Interactive Ordering Screen
How much printing paper is spent every year on informational material for your guests? Going digital means cutting printing and paper costs on menus and room folders. This solution would be a brilliant performance for take-away orders during the lockdown. Digitalize your menu and make the ordering process easier and faster.

By using less paper overall, you're also helping the environment.
Promotional Screen solution
Turn your TV and other screens into promotional material projectors with our custom software for bars, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses.
Offer Advertising Services
Have no additional services to offer? Partner with local businesses, promote their services to your guests and create another revenue source for your hotel/camp/private accommodation with the Interactive Room Folder system. To learn more, CLICK HERE.
Menu photography
Today people choose restaurants for food ordering and dining reservations basing on reviews and searches on the internet. Therefore professional photos are critical for a restaurant. With our Menu Photography service, you'll have attractive pictures so that the orders and reservations will keep coming in!
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