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With a simple, yet powerful dashboard in Justo back office you`ll have access to all of your important data, like number and type of orders, revenue within a specific time period, and much more in one place. You can also retarget your visitors by integrating Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics. Track & analyze your customers preferences.
Provide safer & better experience
Justo contactless dining system is a modern digital solution to increase your profit and make the whole process of ordering twice as faster and way more safer and efficient. Justo can be useful for both dine-in and take-away services. No App download is required, just use your camera, scan qr-cod and immediately open your functional web menu.

With Justo Contactless Systems your guests can order, push call waiter button just by using their phone, thereby waiting less and feeling safer. Also, your waiters` workload is reduced and their performance optimized by up to 20%!
Analyze results & track guests online
Safe money on printing materials, choose sustainable digital solution for your business, speed up the serving process, make more orders in the same time, receive automatically orders from your guests inside the restaurant and from socials directly, provide your guests better and safer experience.

Get and analyze Satisfaction Customers Index (CSI) right away and provide your guests an option to give their personal review for TripAdvisor, Google and for inside statistics. This options already installed inside Justo contactless dining system.

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